allow me to empower your audience

If you’re searching for an influential speaker who shares the rawness in her stories openly, honestly, and generously...

Someone who engages their audience with thought provoking questions and inspires the room with guidance and innovative tools for a healthier lifestyle...

Someone who lifts the spirit of the room with her soulful energy and powerful deliverance...

Look no further, as you’ve found her.

Every part of my inner being comes alive when I’m given the opportunity to speak about natural healing. Re-connecting with our roots and inviting balance into our life seems to have gotten lost in our conversations these days. I empower my audience to bring light and energy to these ideas, ultimately leading deep transformation in their lives and the lives around them.

Womens wellness - Nutrition Poet - Shalini Gambhir - Speaking Womens wellness - Nutrition Poet - Shalini Gambhir - Speaking

A paradigm shift in the medical system is transforming the practice of medicine all around the world. Solely treating a disease is a concept of the past as it violates our internal balance. It’s important to recognize that our bodies unfold with the rhythms of our thoughts, actions, and observations. Thus, a patient centred practice where autonomy and choices are alive is a model worth standing up for.

Topics I speak about

  • Cancer prevention as a lifestyle and the inner transformation
  • A new paradigm in medicine: the patient centred model
  • Nourishment and healing through discipline of the mind and the science of food

Allow me to speak with love and compassion as I create and customize my talk for your audience.

If there is a topic you would like me to speak about and is aligned with my work, but is missing from the list, please connect with me and we’ll make it happen! My commitment to bringing health and joy to communities around the world is endless.

“Shalini won the 2015 Mrs. BC title primarily due to her ability to communicate effectively to individuals, small groups and a large audience. Throughout the pageant and in the numerous volunteer positions she has taken on since then, she has been courteous, dedicated and articulate. Her interest in, knowledge of and passion for a holistic approach to health has been shared with many different group compositions, and she is an articulate and engaging speaker. As an organization which values volunteer work, we have been very pleased with Shalini's work ethic and ability to communicate clearly.”

Christina Smith, Program Director, Miss BC
Darren Storsley, Producer, Miss BC